Too Busy?

Ask most people these days “how are you?”  The answer will probably involve the word “busy”.  On one hand this is not necessarily a bad thing.  As a Christian steward one of the most precious resources I need to think about is time.  I do try and fit in as much as I can and think about how I am using my time: am I wasting it or using it to Gods glory?  I think I am not alone, many Christians are busy.

But it does raise the issue how busy is too busy?  Busyness can come from worries of the world and this can overwhelm some even to the the point of overwhelming the voice of the Gospel in our lives (Mark 4:18-19).
Probably the best ‘tell’ of the too busy is that you are so busy you don’t have time for for the voice of God. In Luke 10:38-42 we have the example of  Mary and Martha serving Jesus.  It’s not that Martha is rebuked for being busy and serving people, this is an important ministry to have.  God calls us to serve those around us.   Martha’s problem is that she is so busy she does not have time to spend listening to Jesus.
Even Jesus himself, as busy as he is, takes time to commune with his Father (Mark 1:35-39).  Sure he could have spent that time heading to next village, or healing one more person, or fitting in one more sermon.  But he doesn’t, he takes time to pray.
This raises an important question, doesn’t it?  Are you so busy today that you didn’t have time to commune with the one you were created to be in relationship with?  If not, what was the point of everything else you did today?  Why did you rush around and try and get so much done?

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