Review: Gospel Patrons by John Rinehart

The thing about Grand Prix racing I love is not the drivers but the teams behind the drivers.  At the end of the race the driver s the guy who holds up the trophy and has champagne showered over him, but he would not be there without the team of guys building, maintaining, reviewing and paying for the car he was driving.

As a preacher I can identify with this.  I often get the accolades of “good talk”, “that really helped me” but really there is a team of people behind me and people don’t see that.  The same is true of people that God has used for truly great work he has done: Tyndale, Whitfield, John Newtown and others.  Most biography books focus on these people, this one focuses on the people behind thosegp-cover people.

I have to admit I came to this book a little sceptical: I didn’t recognise the publisher (Reclaimed Publishing), the book is clothbound (who does that these days?), there wasn’t even a barcode.  But I have been pleasantly surprised.  The book is written from a man who has a lot of money to others who have money, challenging them as to how they can use it better for Gospel work.

Rather than the “7 points on how to…” Rinehart simply gives us several stories of the people behind the people who have been great gifts throughout church history.  And rather than making ‘rich’ Christians feel guilty and ‘challenged’ (read: made to feel more guilty) this book highlights the opportunities they have to serve the wider Christian community.  I should point out you don’t need to be ‘rich’ to get something out of this book.  It is easy to read, well written and simply a good book.

This book is not written by a professional in ministry and it is not addressed to a professional in ministry, nevertheless I am extremely grateful for it and…well…you should read it!

Gospel Patrons is avaliable through the Matthias Media website or as a Kindle book.



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