Top 5 Books on Eschatology

Over the last couple of months I have been working on a series on eschatology called The Time Travelers Guide to the End of the World. Apart from the Bible, I had some great resources to draw from, and here are my top 5:

51W44ivQizL1. The Bible and the Future

A .A. Hoekema: W. B. Eerdmans, 1979

This is far and away the best book I have found on eschatology.  It is easy to read, Biblically faithful and not afraid to deal with some of the hard issues.   It deals with both the trajectory of Biblical history and what is expected in the future.  It is worth getting for the appendix alone: recent trends in eschatology (as in in the last 100 years).


51rXepnn3yL2. 666 and All That

John Dickson and Greg Clarke: Aquila Press, 2007

This is an even easier read than The Bible and the Future.  It tends to be written with implied questions that people have about the future.  If reading is not your thing, this is the best of the books for you.


cover3. Erasing Hell

Francis Chan: David C. Cook, 2011

This book was written as response to Rob Bell’s approach to questioning the church’s understanding of hell.  Chan looks at the questions that Bell raises and does not back away from what he finds.  Rather than a comprehensive book on eschatology, it is more a book on hell alone.  But this is where Chan does what he does best – looks at Biblical truth and deals with it at both an intellectual and emotional level.


71DZmG4Tj3L._SL1500_4. What’s Best Next?

Matt Perman: Zondervan, 2014

OK, so this is not really a book about eschatology.  It is a book about making the most of the time we have, so its kind of related??  Seriously, this is an important read for anyone (get that: anyone) who has any kind of disposable time.  The study of eschatology should lead to us using the time we have here and now better and this is a good practical guide for Christians to work out how to do that.

410BTSRVE5L5. Eschatology and the Shape of Christian Belief

Robert Doyle: Paternoster Press, 1999.

Sadly, I think I am one of the few I know to wade through this tome, but trust me, if you have the time and the inclination you will be rewarded.  Doyle doesn’t just give us a Biblical picture of  eschatology, this is an incredibly comprehensive historical theology.  If you liked the appendix in The Bible and the Future you will love this.  Historical theology is so important in this topic and this book is a great resource.




One thought on “Top 5 Books on Eschatology

  1. I also loved Doyle’s book. The other superstar of NT Eschatology for me is Gregory Beale. Check out his New Testament Biblical Theology which is actually a book about eschatology (because that’s what the NT is about!). Also good is his volume in the NSBT series about the Dwelling Place of God.

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