John Stott Speaks from the Grave

Challenges_of_Christian_leadership_001_1024x1024-2John Stott was a legend in his day, the thing is he still is.  He was considered by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2005.   He passed away peacefully in 2011.  His latest book was published this year.

Challenges of Christian Leadership started life as a series of talks in Ecuador to IFES staff.  While it has been available in Spanish this is the first time that we have had it in English.  In usual Stott style it is Biblical, careful, Christ-centered and powerful.  Each of the talks are a combination of Biblical knowledge and humble wisdom.

The chapters are short, too short for me, I was left wanting more each time.  They cover a range of topics: The Challenge of Discouragement, the Challenge of Self-Discipline (my fav), The Challenge of Relationships and the Challenge of Youth.  Another chapter is also included by others who were involved with Stott’s ministry and could testify that he lived what he wrote here.

Highly recommend it!  If you have a friend in ministry, do them a favour and go and buy a copy for them.


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