One of the first things we did was work out some values.  This is what what we are doing, it is how will we do what we are doing.
I think this was an important step to take early on.  We needed to define what was important before we decided what was important.  So here are our values at the moment – as we work through the re-engineering process, there may be more that are added.
  • Everything we do needs to be Gospel centred. 
  • Therefore we need to know WHY we are doing what we are doing.  It’s not enough to think X is a good thing to do, we need to be able to answer why is it a good thing to do
  • What we can do we will do well, what we can’t do we won’t try and do those we can’t.  The point here is that we don’t want to end up feeling guilty about trying to do everything.  We can do some things really well and rather than getting distracted by trying to do every thing, we are going to aim to do those things well.
  • Under promise, over deliver.  This is a value we want to hold as a community and as individuals.  Simply, its about being faithful to what we do.  We want to be able to say “I will do this” and mean it as a minimum.  Where we aren’t able to do fulfil what we have promised we need to own it and say sorry.
  • Every member ministry.  We are aiming for every member of the body to be able to do minister.
  • We aren’t afraid of failure.  Failing in church is not the same as failing in salvation.  We will try some thing and fail at it rather than not try something at all.
  • In terms of leadership will be clear about who makes the decisions.  This means applying the S formula of making decisions.  S1 – I will make the decision without input.  S2 – I will make the decision with input from key stakeholders.  S3 – A delegate will make the decision with input from key stake holders.  S4 – A delegate will make the decision without input.
  • The aim is not to compete with other ministries but to find other problems and solve them.
As we work through the re-eneginnering process we may need to come back and revisit the values from time to time, adding new ones or rephrasing these ones.

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