Mission: Part 1

I have really wanted to blog our experience of re-engineering but have found the process of putting something down in writing really hard because there is so much going on and so many loose ends at this point of time.  So it is important to read this as my personal reflections rather than the community’s experience.</p

Over the last couple of weeks we have tried to sharpen our mission focus.  We started by asking the theological question, “does the church have a mission?”.  The answer is yes, but the issue that I don’t think we have resolved is how much is church for the edification saints and how much is for mission.  For the me the answer is ‘yes’.  The gospel changes everything and so as part of the edification of the saints it changes the way we see the world and the way we see people who don’t follow Jesus, and the culture around us that doesn’t follow Jesus.  Mature disciples are fruitful in maturity and obedience, but also in multiplication.

I think there is a practical reality of having a mission focus to bring community together around that focus and that is something we have not had in the past.  The reason for that is that we have left the evangelistic initiatives in the Gospel Communities.  This changes a lot of things.

The main question we have been looking at is whether we should move location to Parramatta or stay in the Macquarie area.  This raised some good and big issues for us, but to cut a long story short we decided that we were not healthy enough as a church to make the big risk change to move to Parramatta.  Parramatta would have been a great mission field for us if we had the resources, and may well be again in the future.
We have decided not to move to Parramatta but remain in the Macquarie area

Staying in Macquarie will mean some changes, but we need to work out what they are soon.  It is one thing to have an area to work in, but this is such a diverse area that we need to focus even more sharply here.  Again this is a discussion that is not yet finished.

This has also left us with the big question of how do we define a healthy church?  When will we be strong enough to make big, risky changes like that?  And that’s what we need to discuss next week…


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